Paul Lapsley

Chief Wine Maker Hardys Wines

“It was something Thomas Hardy initiated all those years ago when he insisted that blending wine from different regions could produce a better wine than most wines from a single region, and it’s something we are still doing.”

Where it began


As current and future winemakers and viticulturalists enjoy the challenge of grape growing and winemaking, the ongoing success and enjoyment of Hardys wines around the world will be assured for decades ahead.

Paul Lapsley is our 19th Chief Winemaker and, like all his predecessors, his mission is to fulfil Thomas Hardy’s vision of creating ‘wines that would be prized in all markets around the world.

His dedication and passion for winemaking ensures that all of our wines continue to push the boundaries of viticulture whilst maintaining the high quality of wines for which Hardys is famous. Paul’s incredible palate brings a distinct quality and character to all his wines.

Words from Paul

The personality behind HARDY’S wines

He calls himself a diver, a prankster and a busy dad. Get to know Ben like we do, by watching his video below