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Look who is a fan of Flagstone…

American actor, director and producer, John Malkovich, has expressed his appreciation for South African wines and named one of our brands during a recent interview with Affluence Magazine.

Mr. Malkovich, who spent time in South Africa in 2008 filming ‘Disgrace’ – a movie based upon the novel of the same name by J. M. Coetzee – made special mention of Flagstone’s ‘Music Room’ Cabernet Sauvignon which he described as “incredible.”

Mr. Malkovich tells Affluence Magazine that he is currently involved in winemaking. While he no longer lives in the South of France, he still owns a home in Provence and spends a significant amount of time there surrounded by many of the world’s premier wine regions.

Flagstone’s ‘Music Room’ is characterised by concentrated flavours that reflect the deep, dark crimson of the wine. The strength of flavour comes from the fact that the fruit is picked as late as possible.

Music Room is named for the Grandmother of Bruce Jack, Flagstone’s Chief Winemaker. She was an influential music teacher in Africa and an inspiration for Bruce. When she asked him to make a Cabernet for her, he focused intensely on delivering a high quality bottle filled with dedication and love.

You can find the clip of John Malkovich discussing his appreciation for South African wines on the Affluence Magazine YouTube channel.

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