In 1853, the Hardy Wine Company started with just one visionary man. Thomas Hardy was 20 when he sailed from the English port of Devon for the colony of South Australia in 1850 and only three years later, he purchased his Bankside property on the River Torrens in Adelaide where he established his first winery.

By the time of his death in 1912, he would be hailed as the father of the South Australian wine industry, having first realised the potential of the now world-renowned region of McLaren Vale and, through his Tintara winery, built his business into one of the nation’s largest winemakers.
Over 160 years, five generations have withstood two world wars, the Great Depression, the vagaries of a harsh climate and even personal tragedy, to create a brand recognised for delivering great Australian wines to the world.
Thomas Hardy’s vision – “To create wines that would be prized in the markets of the world” – is what drives us to continue to push the boundaries of winemaking in the great Australian blending tradition for you to enjoy today.

Vineyard Location

Australia – South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania

Thomas Hardy bought our Tintara Winery in McLaren Vale in 1876 with a vision for it to produce wines rich in character and quality. This vision and passion resulted in a lasting relationship between Hardys and McLaren Vale, growing the region’s fortunes, prosperity and reputation for producing some of the best Shiraz in the world.

Tintara has been central to our premium winemaking ever since, and to this day, it is not only the home of Hardys wines, it also remains a winery where we use some of the original wine making equipment such as the historic basket press which is almost a century old. At Tintara, every vintage is carefully managed ensuring that every bottle of wine we produce is worthy of bearing the Hardys name.

While Tintara remains the heart and soul of Hardys’ winemaking heritage, our commitment to innovation and the great Australian blending tradition means our winemakers are constantly scouring Australia’s premium grape growing regions for the highest quality fruit to deliver vintages of character and excellence. From cool climate regions in Tasmania and Victoria such as the Coal River and Yarra Valleys, through to warmer regions like McLaren Vale in South Australia and Frankland River in Western Australia. By selecting the best, we deliver character from these magnificent regions to people around the world.

Paul Lapsley

Our 19th Chief Winemaker

It was something Thomas Hardy initiated all those years ago when he insisted that blending wine from different regions could produce a better wine than most wines from a single region, and it’s something we are still doing.

Continuing an enviable winemaking record that stretches across more than 160 years, our 19th Chief Winemaker – Paul Lapsley – is committed to continued innovation in the great Australian blending tradition pioneered by Thomas Hardy.

Having completed his ninth vintage as Chief Winemaker, he is still bounding across this vast country assessing the fruit and potential blends which he hopes you will enjoy in coming years. ”Our company is brilliantly poised to continue the evolution of wine styles, regions and stimulating blends. In our exciting portfolio of wines I’m sure our customers will find a wine that will enhance that special occasion wherever they may be in the world.”

The Range

The Wines of Hardys

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