Launched in 2002, Echo Falls has been a huge success story and is currently the third largest wine brand in the UK.

The accessible lifestyle brand attracts new to wine (‘Newbie’) consumers to the wine market, with its unpretentious range of easy drinking wine styles.

The Echo Falls winemaking team hails from sunny California and after many years of producing top quality tipples, it’s not surprising that they’ve got the art of selecting the best fruit and vineyards down to a tee.

They appreciate a good glass of wine better than anyone and pour a drop of sunshine into every bottle, whether it’s a rich red, crisp white or ravishing rosé.

There’s a bottle of Echo Falls for any occasion.

Echo Falls Fruit Fusions

An exciting range of fruit infused blends - Now in 14 different flavours

Echo Falls Fruits Fusion have been specially blended with natural fruit flavours to offer a refreshing, easy drinking style with an extra twist of ripe fruitiness.

The winemakers have been experimenting with innovative flavours to create a range of delicious wines for a sweeter palate. A lively and flavoursome choice for drinking on their own or as a fruity base for cocktails and punches.

Bottled in vibrant and colourful illustrations, Echo Falls Fruit Fusion wines are an exciting choice found in the wine aisle, and are perfect for sharing with friends, wherever the night takes you.
Along with the original fruit flavours, there is now a cocktail series and limited editions, including one for Valentines Day: Blended with the natural flavour of roses, this bottle oozes whimsical romance and the back label allows you to finish the classic ‘Roses are Red’ poem with space to write your own sweet nothings to that special someone.

Launched last year Echo Falls Fruit Fusion has been described as one of the most successful new product launches in 2014 (Winner of Retail Industry Awards Product Launch of the Year).
The range has sold over 9m bottles and is worth in excess of £40m, giving 70% incremental volume to the wine category.

Consumer Activity

Fun and spontaneity has always started with Echo Falls. Since we launched in 2002, we quickly grew to a household name with our first TV commercial, establishing Echo Falls as a wine to relax with and enjoy with your best moments… A companion through every occasion.

We brought spontaneity to your door as sponsors of ‘Come dine with me’, where anything can happen… And it often does.

We sampled at UK festivals in a branded double decker bus. We’ve worked at the forefront of fashion trends with designer Holly Fulton, to create limited edition fashion labels. We’ve kept current with new varietals and blends

And then we added some fruity flavours to the mix and took them on tour in a camper van, calling in on a few Ladies Day’s at the races along the way.

Being impulsive is important! It’s all about joining great wine with fantastic friends in the best way you can. Enjoying life down to the last drop. Echo Falls. There’s always more fun to come!

The Range

The Echo Falls Collection

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