Nestled in the cool foothills of the Andes Mountains south of Santiago, Viña Anakena was established by two friends with a vision to create distinctly New World wines that reflected their origin and demonstrated Chile’s potential as a source of world-class fine wines.

Together they visited the world’s most renowned wine regions to learn the latest viticultural and enological techniques and brought them home to Chile.

In 1999, the friends planted their first vineyard in Alto Cachapoal and built the Viña Anakena winery, leaving no detail to chance. This outstanding facility is modern, functional, and beautifully finished.

Seventeen years later, the rich and elegant wines produced by Viña Anakena embody this vision.

Vineyard Location

Chile - Cachapoal Valley, Leyda Valley and Colchagua Valley

Alto Cachapoal Winery and Vineyard: Located in the Andean foothills, where the cold wet winters and hot dry summers offer the ideal conditions for consistent, high quality fruit. Alto Cachapoal offers up superb examples of the Carmanere which is a hallmark of Chile’s emergence as a premium New World wine producer.

Las Cabras Vineyard, Peumo, Cachapoal Valley: Located amongst steep sided foothills, the vineyard is spread across slopes that vary by up to 200 metres in elevation.

Las Brisas Vineyard, Leyda Valley: Located near the Pacific Ocean, Las Brisas provides ideal conditions for cooler climate varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

La Isla Vineyard, Colchagua Valley: With a warmer climate, sloped terrain, a variety of solar exposures and more than 200 metres of elevation between the lowest and highest plantings, La Isla provides our team with outstanding opportunities to ensure the right conditions for five different varieties including Syrah, Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Gavin Taylor

Chief Wine Maker - Viña Anakena

At Viña Anakena, the quality of our wines is more than a goal—it is a core value. Our work is guided by the pursuit of excellence and attaining the highest possible quality.

We want our wines to reflect their origins in our own vineyards, as well as the experience and vision of our viticultural and winemaking team.

Led by a passionate New World winemaker in Gavin Taylor, the winemaking and viticultural teams work closely to ensure our wines reflect the character of our diverse vineyards. This team is living the original vision of our founders; to create distinctly New World wines that reflect their origin and demonstrate that Chile is a source of world-class fine wines.

The Range

The Wines of Anakena

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