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Accolade Wines does the Superbrand hat trick

Accolade Wines, the UK’s No 1 wine company, is pleased to announce that two of their wine brands have achieved ‘Superbrand’ status. This is a feat they’ve now achieved three times, with both Hardys and Echo Falls enjoying recognition again in 2018.

Published annually since 1995, the UK’s Superbrands are identified through an extensive and robust research process that measures the equity of thousands of brands. Only the most highly-regarded achieve the status of Superbrand.

Hardys is worth £275.6m in sales and is the UK’s biggest and most trusted brand, a reputation earned through its consistent wine portfolio and high-profile sponsorships such as its proud association with the England cricket team. Since its launch in 2003, Echo Falls has grown to be the second largest wine brand in the UK worth £164m. This exciting brand is constantly assessing its potential for growth and most recently hit the headlines with the launch of Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka backed by a £5m investment package.

“As champions of great quality wine that appeals to a wide range of consumers, we are delighted that our two best-selling wines have been independently declared Superbrands,” says Ade McKeon, General Manager, UK and Ireland. “This is indicative of our continued leadership of the UK wine category through the strength of our portfolio and our commitment to excellence and ongoing investment.

“We enjoyed a strong Christmas as the 6th biggest supplier in total alcohol sales and we have an exciting year ahead with new product development and major marketing investment on our focus brands to create demand and further drive sales in the trade.”

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